Client Recommendations for Ann Reilly:

“WOW! When we agreed to meet at Nordstrom’s for the sale I assumed I would just add a few sweaters to my wardrobe. When I walked into the store on Saturday and I saw the abundance of ladies shopping I knew hiring Ann was a great decision. I looked around the sale maze so happy I didn’t have to go back to my old habits of buying clothes that didn’t fit or flatter me. I worked with Ann in the Spring and I wanted my image for Fall to match what we had accomplished.

Blessed and pampered were my first thoughts. Ann had a large private dressing room filled with many beautiful outfits for work & everyday that all said “Susan”. After one hour of trying on and talking about my new fabulous choices, that all coordinated, Ann mentioned she had a selection of pants for me to try at another store.  “Pants?… UGH, not today…too hard.”  She said let’s take a walk to talk and think about what have selected. 

We assessed that I truly did need pants to complete my Fall wardrobe. We arrived at the next store, there again was a private dressing room filled with pieces that were a perfect addition to what we already purchased.  That pants were an amazing fit!  I love every one of them and feel fabulous!

I’m done until Spring with my wardrobe. I have an awesome image and wardrobe I would never have even looked at without Ann’s expertise. Before working with Ann, I believed it was not only decadent to have an image consultant shop with me, but a luxury I couldn’t afford.  But after counting  the wasted money on excessive and poor clothing choices that cluttered my closet, I am convinced Ann is my best investment. “

Susan. Real Estate Investor


Ann was indispensable to our commercial shoot. We had a very short deadline and needed a myriad of props from thrift stores to tux shops to junk yards. Ann hit the mark on every single item, in record time and on budget.

Chris Tracewell, Television Commercial Producer

I have known Ann for many years and every time I see her she looks Fabulous!  I was excited to learn that she was expanding her business to personal image consulting. This is her speciality! AND, when I received an invitation to be at one of her “Everyday Fabulous” clinics, I looked forward to seeing her in action.  I was not disappointed.  Ann is very personable, making women of all sizes, shapes, and ages feel comfortable and at ease. She has great ideas for making attractive and current outfits…. from basics, accessories, shoes… to Fabulous!  It was a very successful and fun event. You will be happy with her results!

Betsy Montoya
Stanley Pacific NW


Dear Ann and Kimber,

The Everyday Fabulous evening on the 15th was fantastic. Thank you so much! The style clinic with the Stella and Dot jewelry is a great combination.  My girlfriends have called to say how much they enjoyed the presentation and meeting you. It was a very fun evening. 

I so enjoyed getting to see you two and loved seeing you in action for a second time!

Thank you again,


I hired Ann to do a presentation with me at the California Dietetic Association’s annual conference. Her advice on how to project a professional image through one’s wardrobe was incredibly received by the audience. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dietitians come up and engage a presenter after a session. It was eye-opening to many, and her clothing selections were right on with respect to the budget of professionals in this industry. I look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Emily Burson, RD
School Nutrition Plus


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