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Style Forecast is devoted to the men this week. While most guys tune out the minute they hear “fashion” I want to break any negative associations by showing you how to create effortless and sharp looks. Taking the time to put together an outfit pays off in all facets of your life. 




College does not mean a free pass to wear sweats to class five days a week! In fact, college is an excellent opportunity to try out different styles and to see what you are most comfortable in (besides sweats). Paying attention to what you wear now and what looks best on you will help you feel more comfortable in later professional situations like job interviews. This outfit is perfect for fall term: cuffed jeans from Rugby are easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. I love the material and color on this henley as it allows it to work well with other items. These Sperry boat shoes are classic and are just as easy to wear and far more grown up than socks and athletic sandals. Bags aren’t just for girls! How cool is this custom canvas backpack handmade by Amber Jensen in Eugene, Oregon? I love the dark red color of the canvas and what a perfect conversation starter with that cute girl in your Writing 122 class





Frat parties and frantically finished essays are days of the past for the man in his thirties. More pressing questions are how to find that perfect suit that will project confidence and power? One well-tailored suit is worth more than 20 ill-fitting suits. This Jil Sander suit is just that suit. It evokes that Mad Men-esque confidence and authority. Cufflinks are definitely the most underrated male accessory, a subtle way to show off your personality and make a statement to the observant eye. Here are some of my favorite cufflinks: 1) Modern sophistication with these custom monogram cufflinks from Waxwing jewelry 2) Alexander McQueen skull coin cufflinks 3) Robin Rotenier garnet cufflinks for a little luxe 4) Stopwatch cufflinks from Jan Leslie for the athlete! 5) Miniature pistol cufflinks from Etsy 6) Custom map cufflinks from Etsy






 When a man wears Ray-bans and a well designed jacket like this Penfield Walpole, it’s hard not to believe that he wasn’t born with such effortless style. This outfit exudes the confidence of a man who knows himself well without being too overstated. Pairing these Ralph Lauren chinos with this Express dark grey skinny tie is a recipe for style success. Finish the look off with these Cole Haan shoes with Nike technology to keep you comfortable all the way from the office to date night.






This look is all about smart sophistication. Streamlined and confident this Loro Piana Martingala coat and Burberry tie says more than an over the top muscle tee with loud graphics and a too hip trucker hat. Focusing in on few but key essential accessories such as this Ferragamo watch, Prada belt, and these handsome Tom Ford Split-toe Blucher shoes highlight the refinement of the outfit.

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