Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe

Spring Clean Your Closet

Think about your closet; does the thought of entering it fill you with dread? Is it overstuffed and overflowing? One of the best things you can do for yourself is to clean it out. There is no reason to hang on to an item you bought 10 years ago. Cleaning your closet will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed; ready to go forward with your life.

Go through your closet piece by piece. Keep obvious ‘yes’ items are kept to one side. If a ‘yes’ item needs minor repairs set it aside to have it fixed within the next few days. If an item is a ‘no,’ place it in a pile outside of your closet. Be harsh and decisive with your no’s. Once finished look back through your no’s: are there any items that you still like but you simply haven’t found a way to wear yet?

Ann Reilly, a professional image consultant, says that this is the best way to reinvent your wardrobe without spending any money. “Everyone has small treasures in their closet that they just don’t know what do to with. I help people make beautiful outfits out of items that would otherwise have been donated.” Ann suggests reviewing current fashion magazines for inspiration on how to wear a piece that you’re unsure of.

When sorting through your closet, make your decisions carefully with your budget in mind. If one of your ‘no’s’ is going to need you to invest a large amount of money to make it a ‘yes,’ it may not be worth it. Dedicate your resources to other areas of your wardrobe. Ann suggests buying colorful accessories, such as scarves, as a cost effective way to update a look.

Once you’ve reviewed these steps, you’re left with a pile of ‘no’s.’ There are a lot of great ways to pass these items along. Have a clothing swap party with friends. Sell on consignment or on eBay. Donate to appropriate charities in your area. Cleaning out your closet can be fun and rewarding, so take a day for yourself and see what you discover!

Ann Reilly has been extensively trained by the Sterling Style Academy, an internationally recognized institute that prepares men and women for success in the image, fashion and style industries.

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