Personal Image Consultant

Very often we are too busy to take time to consider our personal appearance when it comes to dressing for success.  This is why hiring a Personal Image Consultant to get you on the right track is a wise strategy.

With the Personal Image Consultation you’ll learn:

    • What silhouettes, shapes and fabrics work best for your body type
    • How to dress your proportions and properly accent features
    • What designs work best for you and where to look
    • The best colors to compliment your hair and skin tone
    • How to keep your style fresh and confident


Personal Shopping

image of person with shopping bagsSave time and money while investing in your best personal style.  Take advantage of Ann’s expertise as she “pre-shops” for you with all the valuable information to fulfill and complete your wardrobe needs.  Simply arrive and Ann will greet you with pre-selected items arranged in a comfortable dressing room ready for you to try on.  This service is time and budget conscious.  No more expensive mistakes. Satisfied by truly a perfect fit and being provided with what styles and colors work for you. Ann is also available for coordinating flawless outfits for seasonal or special occasions, or simply to keep your wardrobe fresh and up to date.

Personal Styling

image of Blue stripe tie with grey suiteOften people shy away from their style potential and rely on their old comfortable ways.  As a personal stylist Ann will get to know your lifestyle, it is her objective to find the balance between how you want to look, how to achieve that look.  Learn effortless ways to mix and match pieces, helpful hints on how to effectively shop your closet, and how to play up a look with key accessories.

In order to achieve the look you want, you have to start by knowing your personal style.  The first step to doing this is through a thorough assessment.  This will determine your personal style, design, figure and color analysis.  Once this is accomplished together you can harness the power of image and use it to your advantage to be confident in your style.

Closet / Wardrobe Analyzing


image of Closet with clothesReinvent your wardrobe by refining the selection.  By weeding out the misfits, and clearing the space for classics, accents and hidden gems, Ann will help you grow your wardrobe in to a well rounded “workable wardrobe”.

After putting together a strong foundation, you and Ann will “shop your closet.”  Ann will come up with unique combinations that would have once gotten lost in the clutter. If you wish Ann can photograph the selections creating your own personal wardrobe book to refer to in the future.  In the end she will leave you with a “closet style” that matches your own and a strong sense of what to buy to add to your refreshed wardrobe.  Finally entering your closet will feel like a shopping spree at a store where everything works.


Along with being able to help you style your personal image, Ann is has many years experience as an Interior Designer and can help you solve your home design challenges.

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