Oregon Duck Tailgating Attire With Style

The seasons are changing from the brilliant warmth of summer to the rich chill of fall. The world is moving from the happy colors of summer to the cool calm of autumn where two colors reign the months and the football field. The mighty Oregon Ducks have taken to the field flying straight for the win but just because they have a new, sleek uniform for every game doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less. These upcoming football games look stylish in your own unique uniform.


Stay simple with the home team’s classic green and yellow or have some fun with color. The Ducks aren’t known for keeping their uniforms generic so spice up your outfit with varying shades of green. Simple jeans are quick, easy, and comfortable for a long day out with friends; perfect for football games. A long sleeved *teal (or any other color for that matter) wrap top is great for fall when the weather never seems to know what to do. Fun snake print flats add more dimension to the already amazing outfit. Finish it off with gold and green accessories and you can be the one taking home the win.

For those of you who like to tailgate before hand you can pair your stunning new look with a mouthwatering dish that will get anyone’s taste buds stampeding towards the end zone. Enjoy this recipe for mouthwatering pizza puffs.

pizza puffs


·         1 Tube of pizza crust dough

·         Pizza sauce

·         Pepperoni, chopped

·         Grated parmesan cheese

·         Shredded mozzarella cheese

·         Dried parsley (optional)

·         Fresh basil, chopped (optional)



1.   Unroll the pizza crust dough into a square/rectangle shape

2.   Evenly spread a light layer of sauce to the top of the dough

3.   Sprinkle the chopped pepperoni pieces on top of the sauce

4.   Follow up the pepperoni with some parmesan

5.   Top the parmesan with the shredded mozzarella

(OPTIONAL: Give the dish extra flare by lightly adding some of the dried parsley and fresh basil on top)

6.   Taking the edge of the dough with the longest side begin to gently roll

7.   Cut the ends off and continue to cut the roll into 1 inch pieces (works best if you use a sawing motion to cut)

8.   Place the individual pieces on a lightly greased or non-stick sheet

9.   Bake at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes


The pizza puffs are fun for the family and even more fun to eat. There are no specific measurements so go with your creative side and make it just how you like it. When the pizza puffs are all finished and ready to go pack them up for a fun day tailgating with friends. You can serve them with pizza sauce, marinara, ranch, or whatever else makes your taste buds happy. This dish is fun and simple, perfect to match your dashing new outfit as you root on the mighty Ducks.

Image of pizza puffs and recipee from www.wellsphere.com

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