Fashionable Halloween Costumes

Fall isn’t just about warm scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, fall has it’s own fun twist that is coming up in just a few days. Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to figure out your ideal costume perfect for house parties or the workplace. Here’s three quick and easy costume ideas that your could be rocking this Halloween. Be a little mysterious, be a little fun, and most importantly be confident in whatever you’re wearing this Halloween.


        Something Cute…

        Do a throwback to the classic Winnie the Pooh and wear an adorable Piglet inspired costume. Buy a cute pair of fake pig ears at the store or make your own by attaching pink felt to a pink headband. Pink and white horizontally striped shirts with pink leggings or skinny jeans are perfect for baby Piglet. You can spice the outfit up with a pair of pink heels or go comfy with a nice pair of boots. Add some simple makeup making sure to add color to the lips and if you want you can paint on a little Piglet nose using your everyday makeup.

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        Something Sophisticated…

        Look elegant in a sophisticated and beautiful masquerade costume. This costume is easy to achieve. Just pick out a dress and a matching mask and channel your inner princess for the night. Have fun choosing the elements that best fit you and walk out of the house with a bang. This outfit should be regal and glamourous.



        Something Scary…

        Who doesn’t want a little fright in their night? Dust off your Greek clothes and step out of the house looking fierce as long as you don’t mind turning people to stone because you’re so eye catching.  A medusa costume can be beautiful and a little scary at the same time so bring out your favorite green, black, or white dress, slip on a pair of tan or black sandals and take a trip down to the local toy store so you can buy up all of the fake snakes. How you wear your hair is up to you as long as you can bobby pin your new rubber slithering friends. For makeup emphasize the eyes and lips, if you really want to add a bang use green makeup to show faded scales coming from your hairline. To keep the costume looking good make the scales faint and fade them out before reaching too far down the face.


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