About Ann Reilly – Image Consultant

 Ann Reilly  



Image Consultant and Personal Stylist

As a personal stylist, personal shopper, and interior designer, Ann Reilly combines her love of fashion and decorating to provide you with complete all-in-one services,  whether your focus is on your image in the boardroom, your home, or a special event. Ann brings a modern take on the classic looks as Image Consultant.

Ann’s goal is to have her clients dress with ease and confidence, interpreting each client individually.

Image is a powerful resource. Your style and image speak for you as you greet the world. Putting together a functioning wardrobe can transform how you carry yourself in business, dating and socializing. It affects the way you feel and act, and consequently, how others react to you. Ann can help you achieve the confidence that comes with a cohesive style for your personal and professional life.

Ann infuses her clients with a positive image while providing them with an understanding of the elements and principles of design as it relates to an outfit or an environment. She currently works with men and women, whether they are business executives or stay-at-home parents.

Ann has been formally educated and certified as an image and style consultant through the Sterling Style Academy in San Francisco and New York. Prior to her training with the exclusive Sterling Style Academy, Ann successfully ran her Interior Design business for 14 years. She continues to do so with passion, offering style enhancement to physical environments. Ann has traveled domestically and internationally as a Flight Attendant, giving her insight into various cultures and fashion styles. She majored in Fashion and Interior Merchandising at Oregon State University. Although she presently resides in the Pacific Northwest, she works with clients throughout North America.

“It takes the same amount of time to slip into a fabulous outfit as a frumpy one.

I say, choose FABULOUS!”

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